CUBE & DOT Collection de Kale

Kalebodur’s Cube & Dot Collections bring a new interpretation to today’s understanding of form. Both designed by Tamer Nakışçı, they create a brand new expression style that calls attention to digitalization and individualization.
With their gorgeous ceramics, these collections reflect Kale’s holistic outlook for the bathroom. Cube & Dot are a departure from common designs in every aspect. Neither limits the individual to what is presented, and both allow for total freedom of expression. They are the union of interactivity, brought to us by the digital age, and an innovative understanding of space. They are the richness created by forms found in the very foundation of the universe. They are a bridge that is built between the present and the future.
The Cube & Dot Collections offer holistic concepts that transform bathrooms with striking washbasins and cabinets. This harmony creates bathrooms of the future...

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