BOND Collection de Kale

Rhythm of the Nature
Harri Koskinen, who was inspired from the mesmerizing forms of nature created the Bond Collection which brings rhythm and the smooth forms of natural world to ceramics. By using concave and convex tiles together; Bond reflects the movements that are present in nature.
The Bond Collection is designed to create stunning atmospheres that carry the traces of nature through colors, unique shapes and dimensions. Color options, in the spirit of the collection, reflect the natural tones of elements like water, sun, sand, earth and stone. Developed by three-dimensional production technology, The Bond Collection reveals its entire beauty with the use of concave and convex tiles together. Additionally, a version without relief enables installation over tiles, giving this special collection the opportunity to create a wide range of compositions.
The Bond Collection’s distinctiveness is revealed in the way in replicates the effects of light on surfaces. The collection is enriched with tone-on-tone color transitions that create the glittering effects of light and shadow.
A new feeling of place is awaiting you
The collection creates charming atmospheres that allures with light. The tiles with eye-catching lines and reflections combine aesthetics and emotions in nature. Concave and convex forms invite the light to Bond’s inspiring surface.

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