WEAVING Collection de Carpet Concept

Weaving is one of the oldest crafts practiced by man. Today, instead of mechanical looms, computer-controlled looms ensure fineness and precision in manufacturing. The principle is the same: the simple crossing of two threads, the warp thread (stretched out lengthways) and the weft thread (the thread crossing it). The pile thread follows vertically. The different surfaces, such as ribbing, cut pile and frisé, are created. A large number of filling yarns and continuous filaments strengthen the woven fabric to make it hard-wearing.
Variations of the pile thread in terms of color, material and position in the woven fabric make individual designs possible. Carpet Concept enhances flooring with aesthetic highlights using technological subtleties. These include incorporating small metallic plates as in Lyn or emphasizing high/low structures as in Ply. Metallic threads, that are to be found in Net and Tec, set brilliant new trends. With specially developed yarns, Mod unites the smooth resoluteness of synthetics with the soft waves of weaving. Lux demonstrates its premium quality with an exceptionally densely woven pile.

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