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Spectrum, as we know it today, has an eventful history behind it. Nevertheless, despite the changing circumstances a number of principles have always been clearly recognizable: functionalist designs, items of furniture with no embellishment, whose beauty was determined by the well thought-out and carefully balanced form and proportion of the design. And the use of high quality materials and the desire to communicate the principles of good design to a broader public.
The original ‘t Spectrum was set up in Bergeijk in the Netherlands in January 1941 as a subsidiary of the weaving mill Weverij de Ploeg, largely in order to prevent the employees of the weaving mill being sent to work in Germany. In addition to this, it also made it possible to maintain contacts with customers and ensured that the materials that were available were used to optimal effect. For example, the materials were used to make wooden accessories for the home, such as bowls, candlesticks and lamps.
After the war ‘t Spectrum became a company with its own management and small items of furniture such as stools, magazine racks and pieces of furniture for children were added to the collection.
It was only in the second half of the fifties that the collection underwent a dramatic change as the company began to concentrate more specifically on larger pieces of furniture (armchairs, tables and sofas). By that stage it was possible to work with metal among other things in view of the fact that the ban on the use of steel for the production of furniture had since been lifted.
‘t Spectrum had very clear ideas about the principles of good furniture design - ideas that changed very little over the years.
During the Second World War the limitations of the economic situation had a significant impact on design: pieces of furniture had to cost as little as possible and designers had to be frugal in their use of materials. In addition to this, as far as ‘t Spectrum was ..


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