Nanai familles

Journey through time
nanai – leather in an unprecedented quality
1979 A vision is born
Rudolf Laschinger, with his roots in the salmon business, establishes a small smokehouse in the Bavarian forest. A bold entrepreneur with the right touch and business acumen, he expands the smokehouse over the years into a global fish cannery.
1985 A company takes off
Laschinger GmbH is founded in Bischofsmais, Bavaria, as the first company to import and process salmon on a grand scale. It successfully takes this luxury item, salmon, and turns it into high quality merchandise for the average consumer. Within a short time, Laschinger manages to skillfully boost its production capacity, while its environmentfriendly farming techniques earn it Naturland’s certification for organic salmon. This event spawns what is now the successful subsidiary nanai.
2005 A legacy is rediscovered
The idea that salmon skin should be higher up the value chain serves as the inspiration for using an environment-friendly industrial process to turn salmon skin into premium quality leather. Research identifies a distinctive method used by the Nanai folk for tanning fish skins, a form of art bearing great significance over millennia for this indigenous group in Eastern Siberia. Clearly, one cannot let such a unique form of art disappear into oblivion. A host of technical tanning specialists from Bischofsmais work for years with the Nanai folk. They jointly devise the right formula and reconstruct the tanning process handed down for generations.
2005/06 A pioneering feat creates nanai leather
Trials are conducted with tanners around the world, but none delivers acceptable results. Following numerous tests, the process is optimized in an in-house laboratory and scaled up to an industrial level. nanai leather now undergoes a totally new, environmentfriendly. multi-stage process. Years of research and highly advanced technologies help retain ..


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