AUX familles

Pure Musical Goosebumps from Elegant Speakers
AUX Stereo Speakers are Best in Class, best desktop, best home theatre, best transportable
Professional quality sound at consumer prices, in elegantly finished components that blend into your environment adding dynamic captivating sound without taking away visual space.
Music means so much to us.
Sometimes it's just goosebumps; like the awesome power of a Les Paul through a Marshall stack. The rush of energy when the house lights dim and the band takes the stage.
Other times, it's a bookmark in our lives; from the songs that represent the days you hoped the sun would never set, to those times when tomorrow seemed so far away. Our lives have soundtracks.
Music appeals to us on an emotional level.
We don't just hear it, we feel it.
Great music deserves a great sound system.
At AUX, we are passionate about music. That passion shows in our company as well as our product.
We are committed to providing our customers with a world-class listening experience, one with a simple elegance and ease of use that belies its awesome power.
Our philosophy is simple. No tricks - no DSP, no delays, no simulated anything. Just pure, powerful 400 watts of sound.
AUX lets you hear your music exactly how the artist intended.
The first generation Aux Out 400 required 3 years of R&D and underwent 2 years of field - testing proving itself best of breed from day one. The three current AUX models (Classic, Level & Box) are even better than the original AO400 that so many music lovers praise - they will bring you closer to your music.
Developed in partnership with Outline, a world leader in high performance concert sound, every detail is based on 40 years of building world class concert systems for some of the biggest venues and most discerning artists.
All concentrated inside a little box.


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