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YDOL – the brand of silence Tranquillity leads to a broader horizon, the basis for revolutionary solutions.
In tranquillity lies strength* – perfectly fitted room acoustics considerably stimulate well-being and concentration, hereby increasing work efficiency. This applies in particular to highly frequented open plan offices and meeting rooms, but also to discretionary areas and to the gastronomy. This brochure is meant for companies interested in workplaces with an ideal acoustic, thereby providing a healthy atmosphere for successfully working employees. It is also aimed at architects and interior designers intent on harmonising room acoustics and aesthetics.
With RELAX, YDOL has developed an excellent system for acoustics optimisation as part of the interior design. Through the extensive variety of combinations of material and colour, it can harmonise with every possible interior décor. The highly efficient sound absorption (sound absorption class A) creates an ambient sound enabling effortless communication and efficient work. In addition, RELAX by YDOL offers a systematic solution for the defined optimisation of room acoustics. This solution includes a detailed acoustics analysis of the actual and the required (based on DIN 18041), a calculation of the exact number of RELAX elements required and their correct positioning and installation.
*Based on quotations from Confucius 551 – 479 B.C.


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