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In an increasingly hectic world, many did not have the leisure to real maturity. The path of Treca Interiors Paris is for almost 80 years the balance between preservation and renewal. Not grandstanding, not picking up on of daily trends define our philosophy. Rather, the careful adaptation of the brand values to the needs of today.
So craftsmanship is still of vital importance for Treca Interiors Paris, because only then the ultimate in well-being, visual and tactile sophistication and sovereign class can be guaranteed. Only a consistent unwillingness to compromise in the quality that allows only selected, high quality materials, and the preoccupation with exclusive details make the products of Treca Interiors Paris to an unique business card of a good well-being.
Understand aesthetics and individuality - this is the philosophy of Treca Interiors Paris for a style that is not marked by the day or the night, but the time stamped on his way.
The Savoir Dormir of Treca Interiors Paris represents more than 50 years, in Germany and Austria, the best sleeping comfort. With its factory in Alsace Treca Interiors Paris wrote sleeping culture. In 2011, the offer was gently expands to the Savoir Vivre. The secret of Treca Interiors Paris based on the fact, to ensure the good quality of sleep. Actually needed for good sleep is not only a good mattress. The double suspension through the mattress and mattress base - consisting of valuable material coatings, high quality springs and filling materials - offers the ideal body lying surface and support. Pure natural wool, silk, white cotton, linen, cashmere, latex, SeaCell © and Ingeo © are the selected "natural" materials, which even today with conviction and traditionally crafted by hand with up to 1000 g / qm processed. These mattresses guarantee with bed balanced climate (heat and moisture exchange ratio) good and healthy sleep. Lying comfort and hardness can be naturally tuned according to individual ..


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