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Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG, Hallenberg/Germany.
Company – Facts and figures.
Kusch+Co is a leading manufacturer of high-quality contract seating and tables. Founded in 1939, the production site and administration are situated in the town of Hallenberg in the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Employing approximately 340 employees, this Germany-based contract furnisher produces approximately 300,000 seating units in its 2 factories every year. One of their major strengths is the exceptional production depth with all important parts being produced in-house. Kusch+Co seating travels the world.
London, Paris, Berlin, Singapore or São Paulo – all over the world, you may come across the globetrotting contract seating and bench series by Kusch+Co. Their portfolio is geared to a plethora of environments, such as offices, administrations, law firms, hotels, sports stadia and health care institutions. Kusch+Co has established an excellent reputation in the field of Airport Seating, having furnished more than 170 international airports. Multi-purpose seating for virtually any environment.
Their portfolio offers a vast range of multi-purpose seating that can be mixed and matched, complementing each other perfectly. Thanks to this multi-faceted portfolio with matching design aesthetics, the interior design of each and every area can be tailored to the individual and specific needs and yet stay in line with the overall visual corporate identity. Kusch+Co is traditionally well-represented in reception areas, lobbies, waiting rooms, offices, conference and meeting rooms, training classrooms, staff restaurants, canteens, cafeterias, all the way to VIP lounges and assembly halls. Product design with world-renowned designers.
Instead of following in other’s footsteps, Kusch+Co is motivated by a drive for innovation with the aim of creating unique products developed in tandem with top designers. The new bench series 8000 has been designed ..


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