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Zeitraum Mobilier d'habitation Mobilier de bureau / collectivité Luminaires décoratifs

Plain and simple is good and precious
Each piece of Zeitraum furniture is unique. The timber for each piece is individually selected and combined making it unique in terms of colour and grain. We use only hardwoods - currently beech, oak, maple, cherry and walnut. Our furniture is attractive because it is of good quality not because of designer frills. It impresses without dominating - exciting in its simplicity.
Our furniture has to put up with a lot. Removals, decoration and even childrens parties. What it doesn't put up with is design trends, which is good because its originality allows it to meet our changing requirements.

Wood lives
We can't really see it because it lives very slowly. That's impressive! Even more impressive is the fact that wood lives on after it has been felled - the floorboards creak, the walls groan almost as if they had just grown a new ring.
Zeitraum Mobilier d'habitation Mobilier de bureau / collectivité Luminaires décoratifs
We treat our pieces of furniture like our fellow human beings: with consideration and respect. When we've finished making them we even give them a massage with beeswax balsam. By way of thanks they live long, are unobtrusive and age gracefully.

The surfaces of our furniture are important to us
They have to look good, feel smooth and smell natural. We have to work hard to achieve this: the finely sanded surfaces are primed with oil and then sanded again prior to being hand finished with oil or beeswax balsam. This open-pore treatment allows the wood to breathe, absorbing and dispensing moisture from its surroundings. This treatment also prevents static, meaning that the surfaces don't attract dust.
Zeitraum Mobilier d'habitation Mobilier de bureau / collectivité Luminaires décoratifs
Product care
ZEITRAUM furniture is hand made with much care and is extremely robust. Looking after the furniture is therefore a simple task. In most cases wiping the surfaces with a damp cloth is all that's required. An occasional oiling, or in the case of heavily abraded surfaces such as tabletops, waxing will keep the furniture looking great - you might even enjoy it!

Commitment to the environment
Acting ecologically to improve living-quality. This means for us being at one with our natural environment and feeling it. We use only deciduous hardwoods and allow no chemical treatment of the wood. Our surfaces are never sealed, rather treated with biological oils and waxes so they remain open-pored. The wood remains tactile, its inner-quality open to the outside. Both wood and user can breathe.

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Designer: Aero Architekten Iris Braun Hanna Ehlers Max Eicher Julia Fellner Formstelle Merit Frank Peter Gaebelein Birgit Gämmerler Nana Gröner Nana Gröner Mathias Hahn Peter Christian Hertel Rolf Huber Peter Joebsch kaschkasch Steffen Kaz Kihyun Kim Sebastian Klarhoefer Läufer + Keichel Catharina Lorenz Lorenz*Kaz Lena Peter EL Schmid Florian Schmid Markus Schmidt
Zeitraum GmbH
Äußere Münchner Str. 2
82515, Wolfratshausen
Phone: +49 8171 41 81 30
Fax: +49 8171 41 81 41
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