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Our core team consists of a product designer/carpenter, René Mueller and a forester, Nina Griesshammer. Since 2003 we have been working mainly with environmental projects, at exhibitions and product launches. Through our work we try to convey our original views to common behaviours, weaving known circumstances into new and curious concepts, especially when we are working in our main complex: sustainability. That is to say that apart from the use of clean materials, the things we do have to reflect a sense of beauty. We have set our focus on development. In addition, we are focused on the conceptualisation of booths for trade fairs, educational and environmental exhibitions. Hard facts were transformed under artistic, sophisticated and interactive art. Grand projects are supported by a network of well known specialists including photographers, graphic designers and architects.

Groupe de produits: Sièges Tables Rangements Lits / Mobilier de chambre à coucher Accessories Accessoires de table Systèmes de présentation
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