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Wittmann is a company steeped in tradition. The wealth of expertise it draws on has been handed down over the years from one generation to the next. Wittmann has a tradition of craftsmanship dating back over a century. Precision, continuity and craft skills have shaped the philosophy of the company since its origins as a saddlery and leather workshop.

Sustainability, in the form of long-lasting products, is a central concern. A passionate sense of obligation to a tradition of good design has led to a commitment to classic models that stand out for their uncluttered lines and timeless elegance.

The exclusive use of carefully selected quality materials, and unparalleled seating and reclining comfort are the hallmarks of a genuine Wittmann. When you buy a genuine Wittmann you are not acquiring furniture that is already on its way to the dump, but a piece that Wittmann can keep recovering to suit your tastes and changing fashions for many years ahead.

Many Wittmann employees come from local families that have been with the firm for generations, and see their work as part of a fine tradition. They are proud of their roots, and their strong ties with the surrounding countryside and the wine growing for which the Kamp Valley is famed.

By keeping the workshops and the family home in Etsdorf am Kamp, the company has always been able to train gifted workers, and maintain the quality of the craftsmanship, and thus of the products from generation to generation.

Groupe de produits: Sièges Relax Tables Lits / Mobilier de chambre à coucher Homeoffice Chaises de bureau Mobilier de direction Conférence / Réunion Espace d'attente / Lounge Sièges de collectivité Gastronomie Musée / Galerie
Designer: Jan Armgardt Prof. Martin Ballendat Jörg Boner Marco Dessí Josef Hoffmann Christian Horner Friedrich Kiesler Toshiyuki Kita Adolf Krischanitz Gioia Meller Marcovicz Nada Nasrallah Heinz Neumann Jean Nouvel Paolo Piva Polka Franz Rendl Soda Designers Kai Stania Matteo Thun Edward Tuttle Gerard van den Berg Hannes Wettstein
Obere Marktstraße 5
3492, Etsdorf am Kamp
Phone: +43-(0)2735-28 71
Fax: +43-(0)2735-28 77
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