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Terzani Luminaires décoratifs
Terzani began as a creative design and production laboratory for lighting objects, with roots in the most noble craft traditions of wrought iron, carved wood and Murano glass.

In Paris 1985, Sergio Terzani met Jean François Crochet, who had experience as a creative Parisian designer. Together they updated the craft culture background, presenting it from a contemporary design angle.

Thus the philosophy behind Luce Pensata was born: lamps and objects as lighting sculptures, no longer accessories or cold technical supports but the animated, vital protagonists of living areas, with a completely original and identifiable character.

Groupe de produits: Luminaires de table Luminaires sur pied Luminaires de sol Luminaires suspendus Chandeliers Luminaires muraux Plafonniers Luminaires LED
Designer: Mattia Albicini Dodo Arslan Diego Bassetti Barlas Baylar Nigel Coates Jean-François Crochet Maurizio Galante Christian Lava Luca Martorano Andrea Panzieri Bruno Rainaldi Nicolas Terzani
Via Castelpulci int. 9
50018, Scandicci (Firenze)
Phone: +39 055 722 021
Fax: +39 055 731 1161
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