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The company
The Samsung Chemical Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of Samsung SDI which is part of the Korean Samsung group. Based near Frankfurt am Main in Germany, Samsung Chemical Europe GmbH is responsible for sales of Staron® Solid Surfaces and Radianz® Quartz Surfaces in more than 30 European countries.
Samsung is a leading manufacturer in the electronics, naval architecture, chemical and building industries and operates globally in many other industrial sectors. Samsung’s Staron® makes it one of the most important international producers of solid surface material.

What is Staron®
Staron® is a range of styrene-free, acryl-based solid sheets and moulded shapes with mineral fillers. The solid, homogeneous, non-porous material is composed of one-third acrylic resin (PMMA) and two-thirds aluminium hydroxide (ATH), which is extracted from bauxite.
The Staron® manufacturing process is ISO 9001certified for quality management and has ISO 14000 certification for environmental management.

Product line
Staron® is produced in Korea in more than 140 colours to meet increasing global demand. Delivery times are shortened with over 80 colour versions of Staron® sheets available in stock from warehouse facilities in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Samsung produces more than 100 individual form parts such as washbasins, kitchen sinks, showers and bathtubs etc. for input into various segments of the market – on its own, and in cooperation with, qualified Staron® manufacturers.

Areas of application
The flexibly deformable solid surface Staron® is used by architects and designers for the facilities of hotels, restaurants, shops, hospitals, practices, public institutions like universities, administrative buildings, airports and retail, as well as residential kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, Staron® is also used in wall and façade cladding.

Samsung Chemical Europe has a European network of highly-qualified Staron® fabricators, architects and designers. The specialist services offered by the partner network allows for cost-effective series manufacture, individual single-item manufacture and integrated solutions in the form of furniture and interior work, including turn-key installations worldwide.

Complete solutions
In 2013, the “Retail of Tomorrow” for shop fitting and the ”Endless Hospitality” concept for modern interior fittings of hotels, were developed by Samsung Chemical Europe with its renowned European network partners.
Thanks to the flexible cooperation partner scheme behind “Retail of Tomorrow”, both concepts offer complete solutions in combination with modern communications technology to retailers and hoteliers.
Samsung Chemical provides the whole spectrum for tailored design covering: the design idea; production; planning; pre- and post-sales support at the installation, and opening stages.

The “Retail of Tomorrow” concept was implemented successfully for a flagship store of the fashion label in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in cooperation with Zaha Hadid Architects and other network partners.
The interior design in the guest rooms of the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel in Spain, designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel, and the façade cladding of the Residenza Villa in Lugano, Switzerland, are other leading examples.

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