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Lighting means more than replacing daylight. To illuminate is a creative act.

Lamps from are architecture-focussed elements with a high standard of handicraft and consequent design down to every single detail. Luminaires décoratifs Luminaires architecturaux
Lamps from are made of materials that match the application purpose of the lamp. They are in line with what every lamp should achieve: accentuate, change the atmosphere or emphasise specific areas. At the same time our claim on design is not only the fulfilment of a high creative standard but also a constant process. Lamps from continuously reshape in order to harmonize with the new developments of the sources of light. was founded by Jean-Marc da Costa and Manfred Wolf in 1983. Today proprietary models as well as works of other designers are being developed and produced. Luminaires décoratifs Luminaires architecturaux

Groupe de produits: Complémentaires Luminaires de jardin Luminaires de table Luminaires sur pied Luminaires suspendus Chandeliers Luminaires muraux Plafonniers Spots Wallwasher Éclairage de bureau Luminaires pour espaces commerciaux Luminaires LED Systèmes d'éclairage Éclairage fluorescent Luminaires de salle de bains Accessoires d'habitat / de bureau Signalétique / Orientation Ventilation / Air Conditioning Pictogrammes / Symboles Luminaires pour espaces commerciaux
Designer: Ulrich Beckert Jean-Marc da Costa Uwe Fischer Gwen Floyd Formfjord Hopf & Wortmann Hans Karuga Yaacov Kaufman Christina Lobermeyer Katharina Merl nextspace Bruno Ninaber van Eyben Georg Soanca-Pollak Peter Thammer Jakob Timpe Manfred Wolf
Hainhäuser Str. 3-7
63110, Rodgau
Phone: +49 6106 6909 0
Fax: +49 6106 6909 22
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