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Prandina Luminaires décoratifs
Prandina is an Italian brand who started in the interior lighting design in 1982 and member of ADI – Industrial Design Association – since 2005. Since the outset Prandina’s creative philosophy has fulfilled criteria of simplicity and formal precision, functionality and lasting quality, that have enabled the brand to gain a recognised position in the international market.

Oriented toward effective and recognizable lamps, Prandina believes in productive teamwork in synergy with established and emerging designers, both Italian and foreigner, looking for new ideas in lighting, breaking with the current trends and conventions. From the glass manufacturing

experience, Prandina is recently developing projects and products also with the use of different materials, always depending on the centralness of the design. Production is implemented with top quality executions, materials and finishing. Also great care is paid to representing the brand identity seen in the organisation of the workplace, the meticulous attention to company graphics, product packaging, display preparations and communication supports. The product development, supported by skilled manufacturing capability, also with the ENEC mark, is carried out in compliance with ISO certified quality control system, issued by DNV Italy since 2001. Exports make up 80% of Prandina’s turnover. The firm is represented in the European, North and South American, Middle east and Asian markets, at the leading sales points. The Prandina® logo is a national and international registered trademark.

Groupe de produits: Luminaires de table Luminaires sur pied Luminaires de sol Luminaires suspendus Luminaires muraux Plafonniers Spots Éclairage fluorescent
Designer: Admiraalcaptein Stefano Azzolin Alessandro Baldo Paolo Bistacchi Federico Churba Robert Cornelissen Katja Hettler Mario Mengotti Theodor Neumaier Stefano Olivieri Alberto Pasetti Per Kristian Pettersen Christian Ploderer Filippo Protasoni Luc Ramael Sandro Santantonio Jüla Tullmann
Via Rambolina, 29
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Phone: +39-0424-566 338
Fax: +39-0424-566 106
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