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New Direction
Pallucco changes direction.
Pallucco reconfirms the original power of its brand name, driven by design, research and communication. Our aim is to boost our image as a ‘Design Company’ more than ever.
Acquired in 1990 by Mino Bellato, Pallucco’s turnover has increased greatly over the past few years: the bookcase designed by Wettstein, the great Fortuny lamp and the Papiro lamps by Calatroni have been the leading products.
In the winter of 2006 Pallucco separated amicably from the Bellato brand name (the historical family business) with which it had coexisted for 15 years, and now the two companies are forging their way ahead independently.
Pallucco is perhaps the only Design Company operating in the Furniture and Lighting sectors. Pallucco stakes its all on creativity, materials and processes so as offer its clients a home that is unique and instantly recognizable – not lacklustre and indistinguishable from a thousand others.

New Energy
Pallucco has put the art direction for the current season in the capable hands of the brilliant Dutch designer, Jurgen Beij.
Jurgen Beij (1965) is not designing at the moment, he is seeking and coordinating new designers and is responsible for prototypes, communications and exhibitions.
Jurgen Beij. says:
'In Pallucco the air is charged with the desire for change. There are new products and there will be more to come because there is a gradual aspiration to grow' 'In these circumstances I enjoy working with other designers and don't feel an urgent need to create products of my own. Standing behind the scenes, it’s easier for me to understand and offer support to the work of other designers.'
'On the stand for the 2006 Furniture Exhibition I take up, once more, the scenographic concept of hiding/connecting objects and showing space, because context is perceived from a form, not from a detail.'

Groupe de produits: Sièges Tables Rangements Lits / Mobilier de chambre à coucher Homeoffice Garderobes / Mobilier d'entrée Rangement Espace d'attente / Lounge Luminaires de table Luminaires sur pied Luminaires de sol Luminaires suspendus Luminaires muraux Plafonniers Spots Luminaires LED Accessoires d'habitat / de bureau
Designer: Laura Agnoletto Mario Asnago Luciano Bertoncini Philippe Bestenheider Sergio Bonifaccio Alessandro Bresciani Sergio Calatroni Matali Crasset Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo Enrico Franzolini Vicente García Jiménez Lagranja Andrea Marcante Jean Nouvel Susanne Philippson Christophe Pillet Gabriele Rosa Marzio Rusconi Clerici Denis Santachiara Massimo Tassone Daniele Trebbi Claudio Vender Hannes Wettstein Kazuhiro Yamanaka Teruhiro Yanagihara zed.
Via Azzi, 36
31040, Castagnole di Paese (TV)
Phone: +39 0422 438 800
Fax: +39 0422 438 555
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