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Ergonomics, functionality and innovative design at a reasonable price are the core principles that drive Officeline. Since our start in 1984 we have oriented our goals towards better sitting, a meaningful contribution towards reducing the risk for occupational injury.
Being at the forefront of development is one of our most important guiding principles. In cooperation with Monica Förster, we are now creating Lei, one of the world’s first office chair created specifically for women. Lei’s design is grounded in thorough and extensive ergonomic research, with a basis in the differences between male and female sitting. The result is a unique office chair that combines innovative technology and eye-catching design in a revolutionary way.
One other example of how Officeline leads development in the industry is that it was the first manufacturer in the country to offer rotating and functional armrests. Today Officeline’s products are built on the latest and most advanced Synkron and Freefloat mechanisms.
In 2010, Höganäsmöbler became a part of Officeline. Höganäsmöbler was established in 1957 and consists of a large production facility in the south of Sweden.

Continuous development
We have always been conscious of the need to continuously improve. In order to grow and retain our position at the forefront of the industry, Officeline cooperates with an international network of designers, ergonomists, manufacturers, retailers and end customers. The office chairs we offer are intended to be suitable for various office environments or conference rooms, at school or in the home workplace.
As a part of its concept for “Individual solutions and testing of office chairs,” Officeline offers the unique possibility to custom-design different chairs for different people. Each chair has its starting point in the individual’s specific needs with regard to functionality and work tasks. The concept has been refined in cooperation with the ergonomist Ellen Wheatley.

Quality is another of Officeline’s guiding principles and to prove it, we are offering a 10-year guarantee–the “Officeline Quality Guarantee.” As a contract supplier to FMV, this means that we have surpassed the tough demands outlined by FMV and the EU when it comes to functionality, design, quality and environment. Our chairs are also tested and approved in accordance with EN-1335. Officeline also adheres to the environmental certification ISO 1400.

Production and Logistics
Our offices are located in Nynäshamn and Höganäs. Production development, assembly, and ordering and sales offices are located in Nynäshamn. Our manufacturing, inventory and export office is in Höganäs, and together these locations put us in immediate proximity to Sweden’s most expansive regions, and allow us to quickly respond to the market’s needs. It also means that we can deliver our chairs directly to the customer assembled, unwrapped, and placed in the correct work stations, using our own transporter and assembler in the Stockholm - Mälardalen region and in Malmö. We are also working to make these services available in Gothenburg in 2011. Otherwise, deliveries are made to the greatest possible extent with return packaging, and with the chairs prepared for simple assembly. We have an inventory of ready-made chairs that can be delivered within 3-5 work days.
We are all built differently, have different work tasks and situations, work in different settings and have different preferences and tastes. In Officeline’s premium, classic, basic and Höganäs collections, you will be able to find chairs that fulfill all your requirements and preferences. Our chairs have excellent ergonomics, functionality, and an innovative, straightforward design, all of which give our products excellent value for money.

Groupe de produits: Chaises de bureau Mobilier de direction Conférence / Réunion
Designer: Sten Engdal Monica Förster
Officeline AB
Konsul Johnsons väg 1
14945, Nynäshamn
Phone: +46(0)-8-556 119 00
Fax: +46(0)-8-556 119 19
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