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Space for change
MOVISI is a manufacturer of modular lightweight furniture, providing flexibility and freedom for modern lifestyles at any age. We work with some of today's hottest designers to create furniture that reflects your individuality. The MOVISI furniture collection is designed for dynamic, stylish and modern homes and businesses, where the light bright practicality of MOVISI systems is bound to energise you, and those around you. With MOVISI you are in control of the design.

Create your own style
We think that everyone should have more choices when it comes to the character of their office or home decor. Our aim is to offer you endless interior design possibilities. MOVISI does not dictate a style, but rather allows you to establish your own personal character and style with furniture systems that you can change as it suits you. MOVISI furniture adapts to your needs.

Quality and environment first
There is no substitute for quality. This is why we only use carefully selected materials that fit with our philosophy, which is to provide you with creative freedom and flexibility. MOVISI wants to secure good quality as well as take on social responsibility. By producing our furniture in Germany, we can guarantee best quality, environ- mentally responsible production methods, correct labour methods and fair wages. All our furniture which is made from ARPRO (Expanded Polypropylene), a lightweight high performance plastic foam, is 100% recyclable, toxic and emission free, allergy friendly, energy absorbing, extremely lightweight (95% air) and therefore very easy to handle.

Groupe de produits: Sièges Rangements Meubles complémentaires Chambre d'enfant Chaises de bureau Rangement Séparation espace Conférence / Réunion Break-out / Privacy areas Espace d'attente / Lounge Sièges de collectivité Salles polyvalentes Sièges de jardin Accessoires de table Parements Systèmes d'aménagement Systèmes architecturaux
Designer: Tom Ballhatchet Jack Godfrey Wood Ton Haas Ronen Kadushin Aldo Kroese PearsonLloyd Peter Marigold Karim Rashid Studio Hausen Frederik van Heereveld ZNAK

70469 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 505 54 85
Fax: +49 711 505 1368
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