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Minotti was founded by Alberto Minotti in the 1950s. Its original craft dimensions would change soon; by the 1960s it had already developed into an industrial enterprise. The next step was taken by Renato and Roberto Minotti: between the 1970s and 1980s they made their surname into a nationally and internationally acknowledged brand. Responsible for the company’s strategies, the Minotti brothers shared the creative line, stylistic characteristics and aesthetic principles with the architect Rodolfo Dordoni, who has been co-ordinating the collections ever since 1997. ‘Made in Italy’ means the key ingredient of Minotti’s identity. Basically, the emphasis is on a blend of tradition and technology. Craftsmanship enhances a product based on state-of-the-art mechanization. Manual dexterity contributes feeling and emotion to industrial accuracy. However, all of this is still not enough. In-depth research on materials, impeccable details, a company thoroughly prepared to build a convincing style are also required, just like contemporaneity, comfort, reliability and durability. This is what allows Minotti to be at the forefront of the interior design market and stand out as a manufacturer and marketer of upholstered pieces and furniture designed for sophisticated, conscious customers. Sixty years’ history has made all of this possible. A hallmark which has strengthened the role of the brand in an increasingly demanding, competitive and global market, although the background cannot be neglected in any way. Within Milan’s design system, within a sort of workshop where forms and technical solutions are developed non-stop, Minotti investigates older materials and tests newer ones, and draws up projects which reveal remarkable identities. It is no coincidence that Minotti was and still is the benchmark for refined people, who feel at ease everywhere in the world, although they could never give up the links with their own origins, with their own roots, with a certain way of approaching and enjoying their homes.
Un regard à la nouvelle collection et l’on comprend immédiatement pourquoi. Pourquoi on a choisi un mot si important et si vrai : identité. La raison se trouve dans les lignes tracées par Rodolfo Dordoni, dans la cohérence et la force de son design. Dans la reconnaissance des besoins exprimés par l’homme, dans la recherche. La raison réside dans la solidité d’une entreprise qui a su, au fil du temps, mûrir son unicité, préciser un parcours, définir une conscience plus claire. L’identité ouvre à un bilan et à une déclaration : voilà qui nous sommes, voilà ce que nous voulons. Avant tout des projets qui savent répondre au présent : fonctionnels, souples, influents. Sans renoncer à l’accueil, à une souplesse que la ligne des volumes déclare dès le début. On peut certes y saisir des échos du design rationaliste, plus enclin à la sobriété qu’à la redondance, à la synthèse plus qu’à la rhétorique des signes. Mais le tout véhiculé par une pensée intelligente, sachant composer innovation et histoire, technologie et esthétique. Minotti est un classique : par sa tradition, son équilibre, sa qualité. Minotti est contemporain : par sa recherche, ses parcours, ses trajectoires futures. Deux perspectives pour une séule identité.
Minotti Mobilier d'habitation
Striving for excellence in quality and unique design, as based on fine, Italian made details, is the secret for the success of the brand Minotti in national and international markets. Each collection is made in-house, according to craft processes designed to emphasize care for details and finishes. Minotti’s commitment to customers translates, for example, into display spaces where the image of the brand is
communicated through both the furniture collections and several accessories (ambiance fragrances, music CDs…) which strengthen the company concept, while testifying to the commitment of the brand to a luxury focused lifestyle philosophy. Hence the main strength of the brand Minotti lies in consistency and a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, luxury and rigour, fashion and comfort.
Minotti Mobilier d'habitation
A unique blend of tradition and technology is what sets Minotti apart in terms of production. Minotti’s products are craft-finished, while making the most of everything that is offered by industry, with a view to achieving the highest tailoring standard, strictly and genuinely Italian made. This is made possible by the company’s long craft history, through highly professional dealers’ proven skills and expertise as matched with the state-of-the-art working machines, which result in high-precision, mechanised cutting, whereas trained artisans are the name for remarkable sensitivity and unparalleled expertise in refining details, approaching sofas as finely tailored products. Expert hands producing quality, hands guided by passion and creativity, skilled, conscientious hands. Hands respectful of tradition and capable of controlling technology. Hands proud of developing Italian made products.
Minotti Mobilier d'habitation
The textile collection is one of Minotti’s main pluses, much emphasis being placed on it and major resources being devoted to it. A new fabric and leather collection is developed every year, based on sophisticated textures and first-rate yarns, charming glossy/matt effects and structured wefts, specially designed by the company and exclusively manufactured for Minotti, to cater to the personal taste of anyone who is not fond of the idea of mass production. A unique collection which magnifies the high quality standard and creates a competitive edge for both the seating systems and the bed collection. From cotton to velvet, from linen to chenille, from cashmere to leather: Minotti’s covers are the ultimate synthesis of comfort and versatility, lightness and durability, luxury and fashion. Many types of fabric capable of enhancing fine details and resulting in different characters and personalities for the products, according to one’s own taste and lifestyle. Minotti’s leather emphasizes the outstanding quality of both the products and the tailoring details, thus providing a unique plus. Leather means tradition, emotion and dexterity: investing in surveys and research has allowed Minotti to make customized colours, finishes and tanning available, with a view to developing products catering to the most sophisticated needs. The quality of Minotti’s fabrics and leather is guaranteed by several strict, purpose-designed tests, in accordance with the most stringent ISO standards.
Minotti Mobilier d'habitation
Research means something very special to Minotti: catching visual stimuli from the outside world and turning them into products, technology, images, mounting projects. It means looking around, carefully watching the surrounding world, perceiving changes in the language, investigating fashion, design, the publishing world, travelling with curious eyes. To do research, Minotti has formed the outstanding creative team, Minotti Studio, who rely on highly diversified professional skills: product engineering, selection of new fabrics, photographic set, graphic design, communications, decoration of display spaces. A creative department where ideas are conceived, developed and shaped to make projects catering to a lifestyle philosophy synonymous with luxury become “bricks and mortar” reality.
Minotti Mobilier d'habitation
100% Authentic
Minotti relies on both first-rate, exclusive materials and a skilled, trained, highly professional workforce to manufacture its products, thereby making them into unique, one-of-a-kind, fine-quality, fully Italian-made objects. Each authentic Minotti product is supplied with an Authenticity and Warranty Certificate stating that the product is original, and is not a counterfeit. Search for uniqueness; search for authenticity: always go to a selected Authorized Dealer who can deliver a design, sales and after-sales service. Warning: Minotti advises against purchasing its products via e-commerce or through any Internet sites.

Minotti S.p.a.
Via Indipendenza, 152
P.O. Box Numero 61 20821 Monza Brianza (MB)
Phone: +39 036 234 34 99
Fax: +39 036 234 03 19
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