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It often happens that people seeing our collection for the first time are surprised to hear that it is produced in places like India and Nepal. As if contemporary beauty and quality were not readily attributed to those countries, constricted as they are in our collective imagery as having one single dimension: poverty.

I feel that this surprise is the key to the meaning of our work here at I+I. It represents our pride at having established a rapport of exchange with very remote cultures, at having helped them to grow, and having learned from them how to make a «new» product. This is not a product conceived in the West and outsourced to a third-world country in order to cost less. It is a product based on local skills, highly specialized and traditional manufacturing techniques, which by encountering a very different mentality - ours - generate unexpected and sometimes astounding results.

We believe in an evolutionary process in the carpet craft, convinced that the relationship with the women and men who make them, working in the places of their origin, is essential to obtain real social and environmental sustainability.

The results you see here tell only a fraction of the tale of this process, but all of it is treasured as our distinctive heritage, our philosophy.

My conviction is that the I+I character, the crossing of design with different ethnic cultures favors the recognizability of our products with a very wide range of public, without distinction of race or background, from North to South and from East to West.


Our rugs are produced in India and Nepal. Together with our producers in these countries, we share a project of sustainable development which sees in globalization the possibility of enrichment through an exchange of social and cultural values.

To appreciate the value of a product which arrives in our home, the manufacturing process must respect the laws of the market and the dignity of the labourer. Only in this way we can fully enjoy these beautiful products.

We are glad to support the Goodweave organization, an international non-governmental organization working to end illegal child labor in the handmade rug industry and offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia.

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