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Gaffuri Mobilier d'habitation Mobilier de bureau / collectivité Mobilier de jardin / extérieur
Gaffuri Eligio & sons S.n.c. (general partnership) was founded in 1950 and it has always been focusing on custom-made furnishing production.The respect of the best wood and timber tradition in Cantu’, the choice of the best raw-materials, the steady technological development let us manufacture high quality items. From custom-made furnishing production for private houses, yachts, shops to prototypes and unique specimen: the expression of our best unquestionable expertise.

Groupe de produits: Sièges Relax Tables Meubles complémentaires Homeoffice Conférence / Réunion Espace d'attente / Lounge Sièges de collectivité Salles polyvalentes Gastronomie Musée / Galerie Sièges de jardin Garden lounge Accessoires d'habitat / de bureau Mobilier urbain
Designer: Gianni Albricci Daniela Gaffuri Matteo Galeno Carlo Moscatelli Giulio Moscatelli Seiji Nibe Francesco Perego Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann Alberto Salvati Ambrogio Tresoldi
Via Mazzini 38/d
22063, Cantu (Co)
Phone: +39 031 714413
Fax: +39 031 716379