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De Castelli Mobilier d'habitation Mobilier de jardin / extérieur
The energy of a man who succeeds in achieving his ideas flows naturally in Albino Celato, the founded, in the year 2003, of De Castelli, a brand that would soon come to prove its worth, on the strength of the experience of centuries that he inherited from his family of blacksmiths, deeply rooted in the piedmont area of Treviso and masters in shaping iron.

It is well known that iron, along with wood and stone, is one of the three valuable natural materials that since the very origins have been offered to man's ingenuity for the creation of useful tools and artifacts. De Castelli soon shaped its identity as a company that introduced design, and applied it to iron for the home and outdoors, successfully combining this beloved handcrafting tradition with the most advanced technology.

Underlying the working process there is always a contribution of handcrafting, precious and painstaking, which characterizes the details and the quality. Thanks to the company's mission, the original quality of the projects and the skill of the craftsmen, De Castelli's production blends design, art and craftsmanship, whether the material is iron, cor-ten steel or stainless steel.
De Castelli Mobilier d'habitation Mobilier de jardin / extérieur
The increasing collaboration with important architects and designers, or international landscape architects, led to the foundation in 2010 of the De Castelli Edition brand, a collection of products that highlights the contemporary language of its authors: Michele De Lucchi, Aldo Cibic, Ramon Esteve, Philippe Nigro; a new production that comes to join the Collection.

Thoughts and drawings, that lead to new creations to complement the vases and sculptures that currently make up the De Castelli Collection catalogue, the design of which recall objects with familiar shapes that, thanks to the change in scale and the use of these unusual materials, acquire new meaning, generating an unexpected visual and emotional impact and becoming a material and spatial presence inside the space they are placed in.

The entire De Castelli production is distinguished for the finest quality of its construction, expressed in the meticulous attention to details and the handcrafting of all the finishing and decorating work.

Groupe de produits: Sièges Tables Rangements Meubles complémentaires Lits / Mobilier de chambre à coucher Garderobes / Mobilier d'entrée Séparation espace Complémentaires Espace d'attente / Lounge Sièges de jardin Tables de jardin Luminaires de jardin Aménagement d'espaces verts Accessoires de jardin Greenhouses / Garden houses Luminaires sur pied Luminaires suspendus Luminaires LED Luminaires suspendus Luminaires de jardin Accessoires d'habitat / de bureau Sols rigides Flooring units Parements Systèmes de rideaux / stores Facade systems Eléments de façade Mobilier urbain Urban planters Métal
Designer: Fratelli Baldessari Gabriele Cappelletti Giuliano Cappelletti Albino Celato Aldo Cibic François Clerc R&D De Castelli Michele De Lucchi R&D DeCastelli Stefano Dussin Marco Fiecconi Johannes Klein Andrea Loreta Ilaria Lubelli Xavier Lust Emilio Nanni Paolo Lucidi Chiara Pacifici Ludovica Palomba Roberto Palomba Luca Pevere Filipo Pisan Patrizia Pozzi Danilo Premoli Cristiano Urban Wieneke Van Gemeren Marco Zito
De Castelli - Celato srl
via delle Industrie, 10
31035 Crocetta del Montello (TV)
Phone: +39.0423 638218
Fax: +39.0423 83467
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