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bosa Luminaires décoratifs Accessoires d'intérieur
BOSA is an open container that collects, selects and promotes the objects in ceramics, read in a contemporary key, with the precious collaboration of known designer, very appreciated all over the world.

The firm was born in 1976 with Italo Bosa and produces objects in ceramics according to the ancient working techniques, realized and decorated by hand with precious metals as gold, platinum and copper without never reaching the industrial standardization and preserving therefore always the characteristics of oneness and quality.

What makes Bosa differ today, bringing it to be a leader in its field in Italy and worldwide, is to have used innovation and research as its strength point, that allows therefore the realisation of special project, even out of scale.

Groupe de produits: Sièges Tables Garderobes / Mobilier d'entrée Chambre d'enfant Espace d'attente / Lounge Mobilier de bibliotheque Mobilier d'espace enfants Luminaires de table Luminaires de sol Luminaires suspendus Luminaires muraux Accessoires de bain Accessories Accessoires de cuisine Accessoires d'habitat / de bureau Accessoires de table Accessoires de bureau Watches / Clocks
Designer: Sam Baron Giampaolo Benedini Manolo Bossi Michela Catalano Alberto Gobbino Ciszak Andrea Caruso Dalmas Shay Frisch Peri Giudecca 805 Gordon Guillaumier Jaime Hayon Giulio Iacchetti Sung-Sook Kim Marta Laudani Pietro Lunetta Alberto Mantegna Katia Mattioli Giovanni Motta Luca Nichetto Satyendra Pakhalé Ludovica Palomba Roberto Palomba Pepa Reverter Marco Romanelli Gualtiero Sacchi Iskra Sguera Patricia Urquiola Valentina Carretta Marco Zito
Via Molini, 44
31030, Borso del Grappa (TV)
Phone: +39 0423 56 14 83
Fax: +39 0423 54 22 00
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