Gabriela Chicherio Product Design

Zürich | Depuis 2011



Gabriela Chicherio Product Design-TANGO
TANGO – THE EMANCIPATION OF THE HANGER Imagine a freestanding hanger, requiring no help or support from any hook or cabinet. Voilà and welcome to the world of TANGO. The valet stand TANGO is functionally and formally reduced to its essential and can be applied anywhere, without assembly or instruction. At home TANGO may hold the next day’s clothes ready or air worn ones. In shops it can act as a stylized mannequin for presentation use.

Object: Valet stand
Material: Stainless steel, PVC
Dimension: 450 x 1500 x 150 mm (L x H x W)

Self-production (manufactured in Switzerland)

Design Team:

Gabriela Chicherio Product Design

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