Grohe reference projects

Drettmann Yacht

Allemagne | Completed 2009

Grohe reference projects-Drettmann Yacht
Grohe reference projects-Drettmann Yacht
On deck, colours, materials and surface finishes are perfectly tailored to one another

The Drettmann yacht is distinguished by clear and elegant lines
The Drettmann luxury yacht feature clear and modern yet elegant interior fittings. Prior to production, the customer was closely consulted in order to develop a personal, simple and tasteful interior design.
In the sanitary facilities, the GROHE Ondus® Digital range of fittings is the first choice to meet the high quality demands of the outfitters. With the minimalist design and innovative technology of the high-quality finishes, the award-winning GROHE Ondus® basin, bath and shower fittings make water enjoyment in the bathroom an extraordinarily sensual experience.

Design Team:

Schnaase Interior Design, Claudia Drettmann


Drettmann Yachts GmbH

Grohe reference projects-Drettmann Yacht
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