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Kim Herforth Nielsen, Architect MAA RIBA

Founder of 3XN, is Principal Architect. He holds full architectural responsability for all 3XN products from original concept to turnkey building.

Bo Boje Larsen, Architect MAA

Is Managing Director with main responsibility for strategy, organization and the Copenhagen branch.

Jan Ammundsen, Architect MAA

Partner in 3XN and Head of 3XN’s Competition Department.


”The most exciting stories are the ones which describe what is actually happening in the buildings. The art of architecture is to build a sculpture around the patterns of movement and the synergies that arise between people.“
Text: Kim Herforth Nielsen

3XN was founded as Nielsen, Nielsen and Nielsen in Aarhus in 1986 by the architects Kim Herforth Nielsen, Lars Frank Nielsen (partner until 2002) and Hans Peter Svendler Nielsen (partner until 1992). The studio quickly became known for two things: their preference for social and humane architecture, and projects demanding a high level of detail and employing workmanship of the highest quality.

International Breakthrough
A first breakthrough came with the court house in Holstebro (1992), which was followed by a number of first prizes in architectural competitions, such as the Architects’ House in Copenhagen (1994) The Glass Museum in Ebeltoft (1995) the Oceanarium in Hirtshals (1996), the Danish Embassy in Berlin (1998) and the concert hall Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam (1997). The two latter structures made a name on the international architectural scene for the artistically ambitious Danish architects with their social approach and carefully planned spatial formations.
The Muziekgebouw, completed 2005, together with Museum of Liverpool (2004-) and Kubus in Berlin (first prize 2007), shows the expertise on culture buildings and prestigious international proyects, with emphasis on original solutions in plans, facades and organisation of the interiors.

Architecture shapes behaviour
The revolutionary design of Danish upper secondary school Ørestad College (2004-2007), together with a number of original corporate headquarters designs such as FIH, Deloitte, Saxo Bank, Horten and KPMG, show that 3XN, through daring concepts and design create architecture that contributes positively to learning and working environments.
These innovations are also reflected in master plans and housing projects like the Lighthouse in Aarhus and the new Denmark’s Aquarium, The Blue Planet, in Copenhagen. The latter being a spectacular design inspired by a whirlpool, which
the critic of the Danish daily Politiken found so original as to warrant a comparison to Jørn Utzon’s opera house in Sydney.

GXN – G for green
In 2007 3XN established GXN; a Research & Development department working with digital tools, new materials and green technologies in order to ensure the studio’s leading position within building sector innovation.

3XN today
The partnership today consists of Founder Kim Herforth Nielsen; CEO Bo Boje Larsen who became Partner in 2003; and Head of Competition Jan Ammundsen who became Partner in 2007.


Architecture shapes behaviour. That is why we try to create places where people can interact and communicate and where synergy can grow. We believe that buildings, like people, are more than just the sum of their many parts. We believe that it is possible to achieve a synthesis of design, function and context. That is why a holistic approach is our guiding principle, and why we are forever exploring the possibilities of building better, cleverer, more beautifully.

Prix et récompenses

Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award, Middelfart Sparekasse, Middelfart, DK 2011
RIBA European Award 2011, Middelfart Sparekasse, Middelfart, DK 2011
Scottish Design Awards 2010, Engineering Design, Museum of Liverpool, UK 2010
IIDA Global Excellence Awards 2010, Honorable Mention, Middelfart Savings Bank, DK 2010
Building Prize 2010, Tangen Polytechnic, NO 2010
JEC Innovation Award 2010 - Environment & Recycling, Louisiana Pavilion, DK 2010
IDA Award 2009 - New Commercial Building - Third Prize, Horten, DK 2009
RIBA International Award 2009, Saxo Bank, DK 2009
JEC Innovation Award 2009 - Building & Construction, Horten, DK 2009
Nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2009, Ørestad College, DK 2009
Kim Herforth Nielsen receives the C. F. Hansen Medal 2009, DK 2009
Prime Property Awards 2008 - Sustainable Real Estate Investment - Second Prize, Alsion, DK 2008
Forum AID Award 2008, Ørestad College, DK 2008
IDA Award 2008, Best Urban Design, Museum of Liverpool, UK 2008
RIBA European Award 2007, Alsion, DK 2007
Nederlandse Bouwprijs 2006, Muziekgebouw, NL 2006
LEAF Award 2006, Muziekgebouw, NL 2006
Dedalo-Minosse Special Prize 2006, Muziekgebouw, NL 2006
Miami + Beach Bienal 2006 - Silver Medal, Museum of Liverpool, UK 2006
MIPIM/Architectural Review Future Projects Award 2006, Nordhavnen Residences, DK 2006
MIPIM/Architectural Review Future Projects Award 2006, Middelfart Savings Bank, DK 2006
RIBA Award 2005, Sampension, DK 2005
International Olympic Committee IOC/IAKS Award 2005, DGI Urban Sports Centre, DK 2005
MIPIM/Architectural Review Future Projects Award 2004, City for All Ages, DK 2004
Municipality of Kolding Architectural Award 2004, Dalby Public School, DK 2004
Municipality of Kolding Architectural Award 2004, Kirsebærhaven, DK 2004
Municipality of Roskilde Architectural Grant 2003, The Philosophers’ Park Student Village, DK 2003
Municipality of Randers Architectural Award 2003, Kronjylland Savings Bank, DK 2003
Nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2003, FIH Domicile, DK 2003
Municipality of Copenhagen Architectural Award 2002, FIH Domicile, DK 2002
Municipality of Slagelse Architectural Award 2002, Care Centre, DK 2002
Kim Herforth Nielsen receives the Knight’s Cross 2000, DK 2000
Municipality of Aalborg Architectural Award 1998, Aalborg Polytechnic, DK 1998
Municipality of Odense Architectural Award 1998, Dalum Polytechnic, DK 1998
Kim Herforth Nielsen receives the Eckersberg Medaille 1998, DK 1998
Municipality of Århus Architectural Award 1997, Ramboll Headquarters, DK 1997
The Concrete Element Award 1992, Holstebro Court Building, DK 1992
Esbjerg City Fund Architectural Award, Villa Nielsen, DK 1991
Municipality of Århus Architectural Award, Villa Fire, DK 1989
Municipality of Odense Architectural Award, Blangstedgaard, DK 1988


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