Linnox de Tau Ceramica



Año de lanzamiento 2009
ID de Architonic 1098095

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TAU Cerámica is once again demonstrating its capacity for ceramic innovation with the launch of Linnox, a latest generation product especially designed for high quality cutting edge spaces, thus following on from the work carried out by the company’s technical staff over the last few years, which has helped to establish the company as one of the leaders in the field of decoration, interior design, architecture and design in general.

The Linnox series is the latest product to emerge from the TAU Materia collection, a series of advanced ceramic products which are unusual because of the innovative way they interpret intelligent synthetic materials obtained by drawing on the latest technological advances. These are sophisticated, unusual, high performance products such as Kevlar, Nylon, Tedlar, Nomex, Dacron, Invar, etc. – to name but a few – of which full use is already being made in fields such as the aeronautical and motor industries, along with top level sporting competition and which TAU Cerámica is now bringing into the home through ceramic floor and wall tiles, thus demonstrating how versatile the material is.

With the TAU Materia collection, TAU Cerámica is creating a new aesthetic language which opens up the way for the most innovative kinds of interior design, where the use of the materials gives every space an advanced, high-tech feel.

The latest innovation in the TAU Materia collection comes from Linnox. In this case, TAU Cerámica is alluding to textiles, as the pieces are reminiscent of interwoven fabrics, thus providing an interplay of infinite interweaving on the surface of this porcelain tile. The result is a product full of nuances and relief effects which give an incredible feeling of smoothness and well-being both in tactile and in visual terms.

Linnox pieces are available in two formats: 30x60 and 60x60 and its range of colours includes six shades: graphite, mother-of-pearl, ash, stone, ocean and orange. They can all either be applied individually or used in combination with one another, allowing all users to come up with even more aesthetic ideas, thus fulfilling their every need.

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