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Studio Macura Collection, launched in 2010, consists of compelling objects suitable for home use and contract environment. The objects, presently made in porcelain, glass, wood and metal are created to please by their aesthetics, wit and functionality. They are designed, manufactured and sold in the context of Studio Macura, a firm founded and headed by Marko Macura.
Unlike ‘design art’ and the limited editions, a phenomenon of the past decade, the Studio Macura Collection aims at offering designed objects to a relatively large audience at reasonable cost. The premise is that enduring, unique design can go hand in hand with larger volumes and moderate pricing. To make this happen, the Studio collaborates closely with producers in manufacturing and crafts sectors.
These ideas and final designs are driven by experimentation and 'curiosity quenching' yielding unsuspected side dividends--ideas and designs well worthy of fruition. It is these ideas and designs, underpinned by their qualities and integrity that form the cornerstone of the Studio Macura Collection.


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