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INCHfurniture was established in 2004 by Thomas Wüthrich and Yves Raschle. For some time already we are intensively occupied with the construction and design of furniture made of solid wood. During a longer working stay in Indonesia we got to know the technical school for wood processing. Right from the start we were convinced by the available know-how, the exemplarily managed school and the openness for inputs that we decided to collaborate with PIKA. In the meantime we maintain an intense personal contact with the school administration being far beyond a mere business relationship
We are devoted to wood, to design and to a different culture.When we say wood, we mean solid wood. When we talk of design, we also mean research. And speaking of different cultures, we speak of mutual exchange. INCHfurniture puts this attitude into practice: the production of our furniture is carried out by the fabrication workshop of an Indonesian vocational school for wood-work, utilising sustainably cultivated timber. Furniture
Wood is alive and a material prone to change. We always bear in mind the characteristics of wood during the construction and the preparation of the surface finish of our furniture. As a result, each piece of furniture is made to last and gains more character as it ages. Serial manufacturing methods can only be used restrictedly when assembling solid wood furniture, as every tree grows differently and has its own colour and grain.
Each single component is chosen to suit the constructional requirements and aesthetic demands. Much of the work must be done by hand, hence each piece of furniture is unique. Timber
For all our furniture, we use teak. Teak is counted among the most high-grade kinds of wood. Teak has a striking aesthetic appearance and a fascinating tactile quality which make it stand out from other wood types: its lively texture, deep colour and its uniquely supple surface are legendary in furniture construction. Teak ..


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