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Our Story
Foundry weaves its own creative narrative by drawing on unique cultures and bringing together design and craft talents.
Foundry was born in Singapore, a skyscraper city gleaming with modern achievements but also built upon a foundation of heritage, tradition, and values. To say that this is where East meets West is a simplistic cliché – this is where a confluence of people have produced a plural culture. The culture of Foundry is no different: our outlook is broad, contemporary, and global; yet our roots remain deeply anchored in local traditions and time-honoured values.
Ours is a story of making: we craft furniture and accessories, but beyond products we are also about inventing fresh ideas, forging new creative narratives and moulding a contemporary design culture.
Today, when design is increasingly global, Foundry acts as a bridge for designers and craftsmen all over the world. We seek out talents, pair the right creative vision with the right method and skill, and connect the global and the local. In working this way, we’ve also seen some of the best inspiration and creative works emerge when talents and skills come together. This organic, synergistic collaborative process between designers and artisans will continue to weave and form our story in its next chapters.
Our Approach
The pursuit of excellence and an appreciation for craftwork underlie all that we do at Foundry.
At Foundry, we believe in design but also in the art of making. Design imagines a better world, but it is the right skills and methods that materialize the vision. Our emphasis is therefore on craft and material, and on finding the essence of a design object.
We care about our methods as much as our products. Whether inside our designers’ studios or our factories, whether the process involves modern tools or the hands of an artisan, we work meticulously at every stage of production towards excellence. That is not to ..


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