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Form and Farm – two mutually inspirational words. A farm is a hive of activity – a place where sowing, cultivation and harvesting take place. formfarm does much the same thing on a daily basis. From our ideas spring designs, which we then manufacture – and grow in collaboration with our customers and partners. And which you harvest.
formfarm has its headquarters in Sachseln, Central Switzerland – geographically the midpoint of Switzerland. Just as Sachseln is in the heart of Switzerland, formfarm’s customers and products are the focus of our attentions.
formfarm wraps innovative design, superior quality and superb reliability in an all-embracing contemporary concept – one that is genuinely Swiss.
formfarm benefits from the 100 years-plus experience of its parent company, Reinhard AG, Sachseln – and from its experience in the development and manufacture of designer furniture. The highly promising launch of formfarm SWITZERLAND is premised on Reinhard’s immense know-how, which is underpinned by its in-house wood and metal fabrication capabilities.
formfarm is an exclusive Swiss designer brand. formfarm is the epitome of innovation, quality design, lasting value retention and elegance.
formfarm is bound by its Swiss provenance to abide fully by fundamental Swiss values such as reliability, perfection and quality.


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