DRAPPI DI PIETRA Colección de Lithos Design

'Drappi di Pietra' is an amazing collection of modular stone claddings. It is an avant-garde design project because it makes it possible to create shapes similar to the natural undulations of fabrics from a block of marble, while minimizing processing waste. The machine reads and translates the drapery, each cut producing the negative of a piece and the positive of the next: the result is a surprising cladding, a sequence of folds, waves and ripples with a great styling lightness and fluidity. The line is composed of 5 models each featuring a carefully coined name taken from the world of fabrics, to stress their peculiar lightness and sinuosity. A special, in-depth study was dedicated to the application system too, to make it as simple as possible despite the ingenious composition of these cladding models; in addition, this method also enhances their already excellent thermal insulation properties.

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