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Introducing Savo
Savo office chairs are designed and marketed to the private and public sectors domestically and internationally. We put all our knowledge and energy in developing office chairs, and leading designers and physiotherapists are part of the design team. We take pride in being one of the best in quality and functionality.
Savo is known for its trendsetting sitting concept Savo Floating Tilt®, perhaps making the Savo chairs the most advanced ergonomic chairs world wide.
Good in ergonomy is, however, not enough. The aesthetic is just as important for the total wellbeing. Our ambition is therefore to be leading in both ergonomy and design. Savo has received the Norwegian Design Award for several models.
Corporate culture
We look at corporate culture as one of the means to achieve long term goals. Our most important success criteria are:
High activity. We strive to be best in class when servicing our target groups.
Enthusiasm and spirit. It shall be inspiring to do business with us!
Customer and people focus. We look upon our activiyies as a profession of taking care of - solving - our customers’ problems.
Focus on motivation and well being. All levels in SAVO have both short and long termed goals – internally and together with external stake holders. We set goals activities, and we contribute towards our customer’s goals when it comes to productivity increases, motivation and wellbeing.
We describe the culture as follows:
• Motivation. Focus on the human being’s needs and nature.
• Curiosity. We want to learn about your challenges.
• Inspiration. Focus on excellent design and true relationships.
• Sustainability. We strive to be leading in our category.
Savo Floating Tilt®
The human body is always striving for movement. A sitting position is limiting our opportunities to fulfill that need. With this in ..


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