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We offer a collection of furniture which is certainly out of the ordinary, one could say, ahead of its time. Groundbreaking. It is more durable, technically intelligent, stylish and visually uplifting - furniture with character.
For many years we have been crafting furniture noted for its innovative ideas and the setting of new trends. In developing and selecting our products, emphasis has always been placed on clear-cut simple design and on quality. Interesting and unusual form, functionality and materials of excellent quality, all contribute to making our collection exceptional.
When designing our products we have aimed at creating pieces that are classical and timeless, yet at the same time avantgarde and forward looking. We work with well-known designers and young designers whose ideas are then translated into manufactured products by our partner companies.
Our aim is to continue to please and satisfy our customers with products of excellence and to present a truly exciting range of furniture. History
The company was established and based at the Rathenauplatz in Nuremberg. It was founded by the promotional expert Joachim Warm, sales executive Klaus Biedermann and architects Prof. Peter Biedermann and Werner Böninger. They formed Mobilia Biederman & Co. KG. The company was initially intended as a ‘studio’ or workshop for design-orientated furniture.
The Mobilia-Basar was opened in Nuremberg at Fleischbrücke. This was the point of economic upswing when the company began to prosper and the time when the architect and designer Hans Hopfer joined the team. He started with the design and development of his own products, which were then completed by licence and to order.
Mobilia Biedermann & Co.KG was relocated to Nuremberg’s Kaiserstrasse. The potential of the two firms was recognized.
The company was subdivided into two groups: Mobilia Wohnbedarf (managing ..


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