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Eight decades of textile passion
For more than eight decades the name Maasberg has been a guarantee for textile competency born of passion. While colours and decors have changed, the passion with which Gunther Maasberg runs the company in the fourth generation remains the same as it was in 1925 (when the business was founded by Ludwig Maasberg).
Today Maasberg is a one-stop shop for room solutions with windows as well as for functional aesthetics and flexibility in textiles.
The essence of our day-to-day work in this family-owned business is the striving to make your rooms look their best. With individual ideas, maximum design competency and the charm that perfect everyday solutions require.
No matter whether innovative, classical or out of the ordinary – we guarantee it with our good name.
Roomsolutions that set standards
We still take the subject literally
The design of rooms has taken on a fully new dimension in our modern world. Yet: the optimum feeling is only created with ideal light management.
Window textiles can give a room colour, influence moods and even change acoustics. This means they are decisive for the feeling of the room.
We offer textile solutions that are optimally matched to your rooms. Because textiles change and create (room) feelings.
Hotels and Guests
The first impression ist the key
Concepts for hotels and guests
In hotel rooms and conference areas the first impression is key. With our individual window decorations we make your rooms look perfect.

Whether down to earth, trendy, classical or out of the ordinary – we combine masterly architecture with pioneering interior design to create a new dimension.

These days hotels are oases in stressful everyday life, where guests seek good taste, perfection and something out of the ordinary.

With our customised ..


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