KAIA familias

KAIA are Polynesian gods of creation that represent both the lighter and darker sides of life. And, just like KAIA designer lamps, these spiritual beings are also responsible for beauty.
KAIA stands for timeless elegance.
KAIA has been manufacturing top-quality, handcrafted lamps in Vienna since 2003. Nothing is left to chance – every tiny detail is an element of the natural and outstanding beauty of KAIA lamps. KAIA is also happy to manufacture pieces to order that reflect customers’ special requirements and wishes.
KAIA develops timeless designs that withstand passing trends and entail aesthetic elements that are appreciated across physical and cultural boundaries.
Peter Straka is both the founder of KAIA and the design mastermind behind the company’s products. He is a graduate of Industrial Design at the Vienna University for Applied Arts, but also has a background as a trained metalworker and engineer.
The lamps he designs for KAIA are a masterful blend of art, technology and craftsmanship – all combined with a clear vision of what is essential in life.


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