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Febrü stands for tradition and innovation, quality and flexibility, reliability and creativity. The company is rooted in the heart of East-Westphalia, with high expectations of itself, the employees, the products and the daily common work ethic. We keep alert to everything that happens in architecture and development of the office environment.
The arrival of furniture is the last step in a long chain of different activities and processes. 125 employees working in a variety of ways, across the different divisions up to delivery and installation with one aim, to create a special office feeling.
In close dialog with our customers we develop the desired concept and provide a matching solution. All aspects of material, colour, light and acoustics are included. Desk – chair – cabinet: with these single components totally different aesthetics, spatial concepts and room situations are possible. All our furniture are ergonomically designed to support the daily work ideal and sustain a healthy environment. Our products are GS-tested and certificated.
To realise design and construction for us is not a problem, as all parts of Febrü office furniture are produced in Herford. Here we are not only organising and producing but also developing and fabricating. In our design and technical departments ideas become prototypes, creativity becomes a product. All this is possible due to our enormous depth and flexibility of in-house production and because the handling of metal components is as familiar to us as those in wood. This high in-house production depth of 95% leaves plenty of space for individual and project orientated development.
The development of standards is also done at our Herford factory. In all areas of construction, prototyping and production the choice of material and dimensions are defined and tested using our own extensive facilities. Test installations put the furniture through ..


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