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The story of PP Møbler starts in the small town of Vejen in Jutland where the two brothers, Ejnar and Lars Peder Pedersen, complete their cabinet makers’ education with Master of Crafts, Søren Villadsen. Shortly after in 1948, Ejnar and Søren Villadsen’s son Knud starts to set up a workshop in Rungsted and later in Allerød. Nevertheless, the cooperation ends in 1953. But during this brief period Ejnar becomes acquainted with, among others, Jørgen and Nanna Ditzel, and Gunnar Aagaard Andersen. During its short lifespan, the workshop was involved in series of interesting experimental projects with different artists and designers. Hence, Ejnar obtains a solid network. And, when the workshop closes in 1953, it is only natural for Ejnar to go to his brother, and suggest that they start a workshop of their own. 

On Maundy Thursday the 2nd of April 1953, Ejnar Pedersen takes the first spit, initiating the building of a 150 m2 workshop. The company still has the same address, but today the workshop has grown to the size of 1800 m2. Setting up a workshop is hard work, as Ejnar and Lars Peder discovers. In the daytime, they work on building the workshop and at night they build furniture in a borrowed workshop. In the beginning, it is especially Ejnar’s own designs which are being produced. But in a very short time, orders start coming in for designed products. The first customers are Bovirke (who sell furniture by among others Finn Juhl), the furniture shop William Watting, and A.P. Stolen, for whom PP Møbler produce the lower frame for Hans J. Wegner’s no 19, The Teddy Bear Chair.

As early as 1955, PP Møbler embrace the more experimental sides to cabinet making - and not least the possibilities of wood, which has been characteristic for the workshop ever since. Together with artist, Gunnar Aagaard some highly interesting prototypes are developed. As such, this is the beginning of the extensive developmental work with designers and ..


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