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PlastexDesign is creating design products together with top designers. Every product has a unique design story and own philosophy background which builds up the value of the design and beauty. Our aim is to Design Your Everyday Life!
Developing beautiful design together with famous designers is today in the main business core for the Finnish family owned company Plastex (est. 1936), known from many familiar plastic household products. Plastic is no more the only material used. Instead the optimal material is evaluated to find the most suitable material for the product usage and appearance. Plastex's product development is based on long-term life-cycle thinking. Special attention is paid to design, durability of materials, packaging methods, disposal of products and the environment without forgetting the joy and humor in everyday life.
Plastex believes in long-term cooperation in business relations. The company has a wide and experienced network to enable product development from an idea or innovation to a high quality functional end product. All PlastexDesign products are made in Finland and the factory is located in Lohja in Southern Finland. The goal is to make everyday life easier, more enjoyable and stylish with innovative and high quality design products for intelligent consumers interested in active and trendy lifestyle.


Plastex is certified to SFS-EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, which is a proof of continuous efforts for improved quality in all of the activities of the company.
Plastex commits itself to live up to its certificate and is determined to further enhance quality work and efficiency for the best of its customers.


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