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During its more than 95 years of existence, Pastoe has learned that slavishly reacting to the latest trends in the market is as nothing compared with the careful and measured evolution of a furniture collection. This applies to us, but even more so to those who have elected to furnish their homes with Pastoe furniture.
We and our furniture cannot easily be outpaced by the rapid passage of time. New products continue to be based on the selfsame quality we have set ourselves in terms of our design policy and the way we make our furniture. For us, innovation is never merely cosmetic, but it's the next step in refining technologies, enhancing functionality and improving visual and material longevity. Pastoe is fully aware of how valuable history is in responding to the questions the future holds.
Our key role in the development of Dutch design has always been characterised by sober minimalism. And logical innovation. The very simplicity of our storage units, tables, chairs and seating elements is a response to the need to marry quality with neutrality. Furniture with real character, unafraid to reveal itself without the need for extravagance. Furniture of few words.


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