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NWW DESIGN AWARD – The new award for creative interior design
NWW DESIGN AWARD 2012. Last year, Neue Wiener Werkstätte has created a new design award for creative interior design for the first time – with 297 submissions coming from young architects and designers out of 20 countries. The award aims at being an ideas workshop for innovative designs in the area of interior design and wishes to present furnishing design at a high level, irrespective of commercial purposes, and it searches for trends and creative potential. The award is conferred by a prestigious panel of judges composed of international and national experts. The three winners from 2012 are produced in prototypes by Neue Wiener Werkstätte and take part at many exhibitions and international fairs. The next NWW DESIGN AWARD will be in 2014, start of submission is in autumn 2013.
From an art style at the turn of the century to a brand in the 21st
The historical development of architecture, furniture and home accessories is also the story of the fusion of craftsmanship and art into the Arts and Crafts Movement. This relationship was first challenged towards the end of the 19th century by products manufactured on an industrial scale. Mass production eliminated the element of art from its products and forced a uniform taste on its customers. Industrial production first started in England, therefore it was there that this new development came under close scrutiny. Architects, painters, writers and artisans founded the Arts and Crafts Movement. Their aim was to revive craftsmanship in an age of mass-produced inferior consumer goods.
This philosophy was subsequently adopted by the Wiener Werkstätten GmbH., which was started by visual artists in 1903 as a producers’ co-operative. Based on solid craftsmanship, all living areas were drawn together in a single harmonious design and blended into a comprehensive work of art (Gesamtkunstwerk) with the particular style being ..


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