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Fresh, young, colorful, adaptable, reachable, ironic, democratic, unconventional, but simple at the same time: Lineabeta shows itself at Cersaie 2011 with a completely new image.
First of all, a restyled logo and pay off: “everyday design”, identified new lines to be tracked, this time more than ever, adapting itself to changing times.
A flexible, suitable, comfortable bathroom to leave simple and spontaneous daily moments.
The concept of the new logo, restyled by JoeVelluto (JVLT) (one more time Lineabeta follows the global inspiration, but attention to what the region can offer) studied adapting it to new demands, with a soul more aligned to the new image.
Cersaie booth, projected by JVLT as well, is consistent with the new corporate philosophy. Total white, with emotional display areas, where to fell new and colorful collections.
Part of the space is committed to cabinets and containers for the bathroom Bej e Ciacole (keeping with the dialect names), playing with strong colors such as orange, pink and red. Warmer, but with natural colors, for the area dedicated to face towel, 100% buckle cotton, and to the new bio body line, green tea fragrance. And Muci, enriched with a new accessories line.
Reliable news in line with Lineabeta principles of the past and the future. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Lineabeta has been dedicating herself in the bathroom accessories and furniture field for over 30 years until she becomes one of the top five brands in Italy of its kind.
It takes time, energy, experience, innovation, tenacity, creativity, analysis, bonding with the region, various choices over the time, and founder’s sharp soul. It takes all the elements or even more to make Lineabeta lasting and keep growing.
An appropriate interpretation of Bauman’s glocalization: materials (glass, brass, stainless steel, ceramic, bamboo) come from an international contest, while people work in Italy or overseas ..


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