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Based in the heart of an area in Northern Italy which is world famous for the production of furniture, LEMA designs and manufactures furnishing systems aimed at making space more comfortable, rational and efficient. Its creations can be found in the homes of thousands of people who are receptive to quality and design, although LEMA is also present in hotels, offices, community homes, residences, banks and insurance companies. Born from a strong tradition of craftsmanship, in the 1970’s LEMA began to develop on an industrial scale, consolidating its role as a leading player in furnishing for homes, hotels and offices. LEMA’s keys to success are the quality of its products and the coherence between design and the finished product. In order to preserve these characteristics that have defined its success, LEMA is one of the very few furnishing companies which operates an integrated production cycle, from the cutting of the panels to the preparation of the wood veneers, the lacquering and the personalization of each piece. An integral part of the manufacturing facility is the LEMA planning and development centre. This leading-edge laboratory for product and pro- cess innovation is involved in researching materials, engineering plan- ning, design, technologies, production processes and marketing strategies. LEMA is an international company and is associated with the best contemporary designers such as Piero Lissoni, the company’s art director.
LEMA is proud to still regard itself as a family company, despite it being a market leader with estimated revenue of 80 million for 2008. The Meroni family have been directing the company for three generations, first with Carla and Luigi and today with their children and grandchil- dren.
This characteristic of the company has guaranteed a sound entrepre- neurial vision and a coherent development founded on respect for the client, innovation and the development of new ..


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