Cerruti Baleri colecciones

In 1984 Enrico Baleri founded Baleri Italia, a company manufacturing quality furniture with a high design content. The path towards a personal interpretation of the design process led to the creation of a company that since the beginning developed products with strong formal and functional qualities and a commitment toward research, development and talent-scouting. This activity brought to the discovery of new talents and added to the continuous technological experimentation that made Baleri Italia an innovator in materials and manufacturing techniques and product solutions. While collaborating with successful designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Angelo Mangiarotti and Denis Santachiara among others, Baleri Italia has launched many new talents such as a young Philippe Starck, Hannes Wettstein and Luigi Baroli.
In 2004 Nino Cerruti became a majority share-holder of Baleri Italia with the objective of developing a new industrial project that could also benefit from his long and successful experience in the textile and fashion businesses while remaining true to its design mission. In a short time this process developed into the complete acquisition of Baleri Italia, the creation of a new managing group, with a new art director and a renewed internal team. The changes set the ground for a growth project based on the conservation of the cultural and production heritage of the company with a strong and updated sensitivity towards the needs of today’s society and markets. Formal and functional research as well as talent-scouting continued to be the core activities of the company as shown by the collections presented since 2005 which introduced the work of new talents such as Jeff Miller, Arik Levy, Ilse Crawford, Alberto Colzani and Xavier Lust.
The synergic combination of these two well-established brands – united into a new industrial project rather than a mere financial venture – has fully proved its validity and fulfilled its core objectives. ..


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