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The history of Barovier - a small company, a family, a great story since 1295
Everything took place on an island, an exotic, wondrous place like every island: Murano. There, in 1291 the furnaces of Venice were transferred and there we can find the oldest representative of the family of whom records exist: Jacobello (1295). Around two centuries later, the great master Angelo would leave an unforgettable mark on the history of the Renaissance. A student of Paolo Godi, in around 1450 Angelo invented Venetian crystal: a puff of lightness and transparency in perfect Renaissance style.
The “Barovier wedding cup”, which dates from around 1450, is attributed to him. Made of beautiful blue glass with enamel and golden decorations, it is now conserved in the Murano museum; it is perhaps the most precious, and certainly the most famous object of the Renaissance glass masterpieces. Let us fast forward: in 1878, the Barovier family, still florid, formed a company which was to become famous, “Artisti Barovier” (Barovier Artists): exhibitions and awards, patents and new techniques were the fruit of this prestigious furnace.
At the end of the First World War, the factory was renovated and renamed “Vetreria Artistica Barovier&C”: it was 1920, the year in which Ercole Barovier, at the age of thirty, began his career as entrepreneur and designer. During the nineteen thirties, forties and sixties the presence of Ercole Barovier as designer was crucial for the company, which in the meantime took the name “Barovier&Toso” thanks a merger with the Toso family, also from Murano with a long history in the glass industry.
This was the most fruitful period in Ercole Barovier’s career: he invented “heat colouring without fusion” and obtained various patents, many of which have become fundamental, shared methods in the production of Murano glass. After his death, in 1972, a new phase began for Barovier&Toso: to give greater efficiency to a ..


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