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Attika have been working with fire on an intensive basis for 25 years now and in this time have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of fireplaces. We are constantly investing time and money in the development of new products and techniques to ensure our fireplaces maintain their outstanding quality. We are also always on the look out for ways in which to improve our products and broaden our range. Attika fireplaces have received design awards in Germany as well as in the USA. They are trademark protected in order to protect our unique design. In addition to trademark protection, individual models also have further specific protection granted. Our products are manufactured in the latest workshops equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This ensures our fireplaces are produced with the utmost precision. Our main markets include Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, USA and Belgium. We aim to impress customers and fulfil their requirements for fire and heat in the home.
attika - fireplaces for today's world. Staff
We are a dynamic team of thirty. All staff work according to a set strategy with clear targets and designated roles. Our customers include building chiefs, architects and specialist traders who insist on working only with staff that possess the relevant knowledge and that can be flexible when necessary. We place great importance on providing each individual customer with competent advice and information. Why not see for yourself by calling in to look around our extensive showrooms or telephoning us? We will be glad to help you out and provide the relevant advice to suit your personal requirements. History
Founding of AC Cheminéeofen AG.
After intensive market research, becomes representative for two other companies and starts to develop own models. 2 staff members
Growing interest in coal fireplace ovens in Switzerland as result ..


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