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Hoy en día muchos hablan de sostenibilidad pero Admonter lo garantiza. El certificado PEFC en nuestros productos demuestra que nuestra madera tiene su origen en bosques sostenibles donde se corta solamente tanta madera como regenera. ¡Pero eso no es todo! Admonter siempre se ha especializado en el uso de maderas de la zona en lugar de maderas tropicales atípicas. Además, para conservar los recursos naturales convertimos los residuos de la producción en nueva energía en nuestra propia planta de calefacción. ¡Eligiendo a Admonter significa que se elige la naturaleza misma! Company Philosophy
• We are very proud of our 1000 year history and we carry this tradition of Christian social values with us into the modern age.
• We are conscious of our responsibilities for our Staff and our partners in business, and as such our associations and dealings with them are carried out in an open and honest fashion.
• Building long term relationships with our customers, based on trust and equality is of the utmost importance to us. Customer satisfaction is our main objective.
• All our communications with our partners are carried out in a friendly and efficient manner and are based on mutual respect. Therefore decisions are taken together.
• We are totally committed to choosing natural raw materials from sustainable managed forests for use in the production of our high quality products.


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