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Wovin Wall® is a specialist in wall and ceiling panelling systems. The systems are aesthetically beautiful and functional. Many of our systems also provide effective acoustic solutions.

Wovin Wall® was established in 2006 as a joint venture between Box and Dice, designers of the Wovin Wall® System and Instyle Contract Textiles. Wovin Wall® began as a single product company located in Sydney, Australia, producing and distributing the Wovin Wall® System.

Wovin Wall’s product range now offers a range of systems such as Wovin Wall, Wave and Ripple, we continue to develop new beautiful 3-dimensional solutions for walls and ceilings.
Wovin Wall® is now distributed worldwide.

Wovin Wall® produces systems with a reduced environmental impact.
Wovin Wall Revestimientos / Techos
Our products are designed for disassembly, they can be removed, reconfigured to a new size and reinstalled in a new location. During this process our systems can easily be made smaller, or alternatively add extra components and make the panels larger.

Many of our systems contain recycled content and can be recycled at end of life. They are designed for compact transportation. Production efficiencies are maximised, with any production waste of aluminium and cardboard being recycled. 

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Diseñador: Box and Dice
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