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Tubes Radiatori is accredited on the market for its radiators and towel warmers of high added value, represented by high technology together with design. The qualifying traits of the company philosophy concentrate on the peculiarities of the production, aimed at a niche-market, that is extending towards a design-loving consumer who is more prepared, looking for good quality and energy savers. Tubes can meet this requirement today with heaters capable of characterising the architecture of space, resorting to design adapted to specific techniques which respect high quality standards.
There is a constant search for unconventional shapes carried out parallel to experimentation on materials and work processes, paying great attention to energy efficiency, craftsmanship precision in the finishing touches and to strict tests without neglecting customer service.
Tubes uses steel in most of its products, for its characteristics of resistance, light weight and ductility, and not least, for it’s high heat transfer coefficient, which means speed in letting off heat. The degree of balance between form and function is also contained in the very essential sizes of the heating elements; a discreet but characterising presence corresponds to reduced internal volumes with a consequentially lower water content. Compared to traditional radiators of the same size, Tubes radiators contain up to 1/3 less water, favouring a great reaction speed in letting off heat into the room with great energy savings.
Heating efficiency is furthermore obtained thanks to the special welding technique, that fuses two distinct elements into one element only, to the advantage of the uniformity of the material, which allows the heat to be emanated evenly and constantly into the room. Thanks to these prerogatives, Tubes heating elements are also compatible with the most recent heating technologies that use low temperatures.

Other aspects which guarantee total quality regard a series of details that include dual testing carried out on every single piece to check for leaks and for quality control, the completely automated varnishing cycle carried out in 11 phases – a process used in car production that satisfies anticorrosion requirements as well as adhesive qualities on manufactured items subject to damp and temperature variations, the use of ecological polyester powders and the availability of a wide range of shades of colour (over 250 among the colours of the Ral scale and the Tubes shades). And furthermore, four galvanised finishes - chrome, nickel, 14 or 24 kt gold - are available on 64 types of hydraulic towel warmers, 56 in electric version and 476 models of heaters.

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Diseñador: Antonia Astori Nicola De Ponti Stefano Giovannoni Peter Jamieson Satyendra Pakhalé Ludovica Palomba Roberto Palomba
TUBES radiatori srl
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31023, Resana (TV)
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